Guidance about radon

Advice for homeowners

High levels of radon gas in the home can increase the risk of lung cancer. For this reason the UK Government recommends that radon should be kept below 200 Bqm-3 (annual average) in domestic properties to avoid radon problems. If you think you might have a radon problem, or just need general guidance about radon, contact us at UK Radon.


You can measure the levels in your home using electronic monitors or radon detectors. UK Radon Ltd can help you monitor the levels in your home using either electronic monitors or passive detectors.

Remediation and getting a quote

We further support homeowners and tenants, by providing advice, including survey visits and email consultations. Once a solution is identified and quoted for UK Radon Ltd can install a range of radon protection solutions.

Post-fitment servicing and the Radon Shop

Once your radon system is fitted, UK Radon Ltd can service and monitor its performance and supply spare parts.

Buying or selling a home

The first time most people hear about radon gas these days is when buying or selling a property.

Health and safety in the workplace

Employers are obliged by law to keep their workforce safe from radon in the workplace. UK law states that radon levels should be kept below 300 Bqm-3 in the workplace, and compliance to this law is enforced by the HSE.