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If you would like to download more information about radon we have prepared some handy factsheets.

Fact sheet 01

Radon remediation techniques compared

A guide to the effectiveness of different remediation methods and some of the parameters to consider when deciding which system is best for your house.

Fact sheet 03

Radon sump system performance

This document aims to determine if there are  a set of tests and tools that are useful to assure installers andc ustomers that a radon system is performing to a reasonable standard, or whether another parameter is the causeof poor radon reduction post-system fitment.

Fact sheet 05

Fitting an Radon Under-Floor Ventilation System

This method statement outlines the fitment of both an under-floor and boxed under-floor ventilation system ona typical 2 to 3 bedroomed house with suspended floors.

Fact sheet 02

House buying and selling

This fact sheet aims to help house buyers and sellers to overcome a ny barriers when the radon land search reveals there is radon in yourproperty area (the 1km grid square associated with your property).

Fact sheet 04

How to use the Airthings electronic monitor

How to use an Airthings home (Corentium Canary) electronic monitor.

Fact sheet 06

Fitting a Low Level Outlet Radon Sump System kit

This leaflet aims to provide a guide for a skilled do-it-yourselfer or tradesman to construct a low level outlet
radon sump system.

BRE factsheets

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) publishes guidance on all aspects of construction, including useful information about radon remediation. Following is a selection. For more deatils go to

⇒ QG1 Natural under floor ventilation
⇒ QG3 Postive Pressure Fans
⇒ QG4 Mini sump with high level extraction
⇒ QG5 Mini sump with low level extraction
⇒ QG6 Internal mini sump
⇒ QG7 cellars

Videos featuring UK Radon Ltd

Jerry Board of UK Radon Ltd explains the risks of radon and what to do if you have a property affected by radon.

BBC documentary featuring Jerry Board of UK Radon Ltd.