Active: cellar ventilation

RADON REMEDIATION METHODS PASSIVE METHODS ACTIVE METHODS Barriers Natural airflow Sump systems Reduce pressure Underfloor extraction Sump systems Underfloor ventilation Cellar ventillation Positive pressure fans Raise pressure No fans or pumps

Raise pressure; cellar/basement ventilation

Floor type: Cellars below suspended floors

Cellar ventilation for radon removal. For larger voids under the main house there are numerous methods of remediation such as a sump in the floor, or positive pressure systems. A cheaper alternative to these methods, for a cellar which is not inhabited, is the cellar ventilation system. These systems having a significant impact on radon levels (reducing radon from over 1000 Bqm-3 is possible), and can reduce humidity levels, making the cellar more useable for use/storage.

Radon in cellars