Passive: sump systems

RADON REMEDIATION METHODS PASSIVE METHODS ACTIVE METHODS Barriers Natural airflow Sump systems Reduce pressure Underfloor extraction Sump systems Underfloor ventilation Cellar ventillation Positive pressure fans Raise pressure No fans or pumps

Reduce underfloor pressure;
Passive sump systems

Floor type: Solid Floor

To reduce radon with a radon sump, a passive sump system provides a simple means of allowing radon to escape from a cavity under a solid floor.

No fan is fitted in the system to extract radon. The difference in temperature between the bottom and top of the outlet pipe allows air movement out of the building. Passive sump systems can sometimes work, but generally have a limited impact on radon levels, in comparison to active systems (those that use a fan); so be prepared to fit a fan to the system if it does not work very well.

Radon sump diagram