Servicing radon protection systems

Once a radon system has been fitted, and the post-fitment testing has shown the radon levels are down to your desired level, a program of servicing and re-testing should be set in place. This may sound a bit ominous, but in reality need not be time consuming. Here’s an idea of what plan you may decide on……………….

Radon remediation contractor

The monitoring re-testing schedule

All rooms which have known high radon levels prior to successful radon remediation should be re-tested at regular intervals, usually at intervals of between 2 and 5 years.

Domestic re-testing

The re-test interval should be between 2 and 5 years, using a minimum of 2 x passive detectors for a minimum of three months. For personal use an electronic monitor can be used to measure rooms according to an occupier’s needs.

Workplace re-testing

The re-test interval should be between 2 and 5 years, using a minimum of 1 x passive detectors usually for a period of one to of three months, for each fully occupied space. There is some room for interpretation for spaces/rooms that are not occupied, temporarily occupied rooms, or partially occupied. Please contact UK Radon Ltd for further information on how many rooms need testing.

Electronic monitoring is also used by Radon specialists and Health and Safety personnel to assist with short-term measurements if changes in room usage occurs, or can be used long-term in a room adjacent to a radon system as a warning/alarm of system performance.

Servicing is dependent on the system fitted

The servicing plan will also depend on the remediation completed/system fitted.

Airbrick replacement and Underfloor ventilation systems

Twice a year make sure the air bricks and inlet/outlet vents continue to be clear; the end of Autumn and early Spring are good time to do this. Get UK Radon Ltd to service the underfloor ventilation systems every 2 to 3 years. Remember to check the airflow rate through the system to compare with the original fitment airflow rates. This provides an indication of fan performance over time.

Sump systems

Sump systems are very reliable and generally last 6 and 10 years without replacement parts. Sump systems need checking at every six months to determine if the fan is still running and that vents are not blocked. All this requires is to put your hand by the vent, clear vegetation and obstructions from the vents, and listen/feel for fan noise and vibration. The system should be serviced every two to three years to remove blockages/vegetation/organic matter. Please contact UK Radon Ltd to get your sump system serviced. The pressure drop and airflow through the system should be measured at this time, and compared with the measurements at fitment of the system, to determine if there is any drop in system performance.

Technical support

If your radon system does not seem to be performing to its usual standard, whether you hear noise, or hear nothing at all, contact UK Radon to get your system checked. UK radon Ltd provides a range of spare parts and replacement fans for a range of systems at our online shop.